Geometry is my main research area at this time included in teaching geometry. The field of research in geometry is the development of various theorems in 2-dimensional geometry. By highlighting a simpler method of proof, for example, simply using the Pythagoras Theorema, the Concept of Conformity, the the concept of large area and occasionally if needed using the concept of trygonometry. Various developments that have been carried out are the development of the Napoleon theorem. Theorema Van Aubel, Ceva and Menelaus’s Theorem, Theorema Morley, Theorema Kosnita, Theorema Sawayama Thebault, Tehorema Dao and others. Besides that, various geometry concepts were developed, for example the development of the Gergonne point, Nagel Point, Miquel Point, Excircle on Quadrylateral development, the Lemoine Circle with Symmedian Point problem and many other things.

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