Teaching Mathematics

In the field of mathematical teaching, my research in the fields of Geometry and Algebra with its application using GeoGebra. in the field of Theaching Geometry, the topic is the same as the research in the field of geometry, but it is added with the teaching in which the topic is: The field of research in geometry is the 2-dimensional geometry. By highlighting a simpler method of proof, for example, simply using the Pythagoras Theorema, the Concept of Conformity, the concept of large area and occasional if needed using the concept of trygonometry. The various developments that have been carried out are the development of the Napoleon theorem. Theorem Van Aubel, Ceva and Menelaus’ Theorem, Theorema Morley, Theorema Kosnita, Theorema Sawayama Thebault, Tehorema Dao and others. Besides that, various geometry concepts were developed, for example the Lemoine Circle with Symmedian Point, Nagel Point, and Quadrilateral Development.
Whereas in the algebra field include: various Sequences from Heptagonal Pyramid; Hexagonal; Pentagonal, tetrahedron and various other Pyramids. In addition, it also guides students in the preparation of theses in the field of number theory

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